D – Developing my digital skills


Just before Christmas we enjoyed one of Edinburgh’s Street of Light performances in the Royal Mile.

That fusion of lighting and music reminded me that communicating across digital channels should be seamless, consistent and synchronised.

Although I’d acquired some digital skills when working, I’ve had to learn to use new tools and techniques since I left the office environment.

Some have been easy.  Some are much more challenging!

I didn’t realise how much I used to depend on work colleagues for advice on technical issues. A belated thank you, folks.

While developing digital skills is not “a hobby” in its own right, it is a critical part of many of my other hobbies – current and planned.

This is what I have achieved so far:

  • setting up and managing my Twitter account
  • getting this blog up and running
  • drafting content for my Church’s website
  • (beginning to) get to grips with its content management system
  • re-shaping the website architecture (a work in progress)
  • mastering a smartphone after years of being on Blackberry
  • acquiring a lively Pinterest habit

I’m indebted to the masses of advice ‘out there’ – particularly on blogging. This post on comms2point0 by Emma Rodgers is great.

Actually comms2point0 is a terrific source of inspiration for all comms-related topics.

And I’ve been a fan of Dan Slee’s output for a while. He recently offered loads of practical tips about writing for the web, advice I will follow when working on the church’s website.

Hopefully my output will be as entertaining and illuminating as the Street of Light.

Absorption factor:  8 out of 10. Hours go by as I fiddle with fonts, search for annoyingly obscure buttons in content management systems, and edit, edit, edit …

Results: I leave that to you to judge.  Still a work-in-progress, from my point of view.

Cost:  Thanks to all that free stuff, no spend to date.







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